SRG Research
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Consortium Research Scott Resource Group will field a consortium-sponsored, campus-based research project this upcoming semester to measure students’ assessment of their experiences with the full range of employers’ current recruitment tools and practices, including virtual events, mobile apps, digital interviewing and accelerated offer decision timelines. Sponsoring companies will influence survey and focus group content, as well as university fielding site selection.
Focus Groups All Scott Resource Group consulting and research projects are designed to gather qualitative data that provides context and perspective, when analyzed alongside quantitative metrics. Onsite focus group discussions, whether at universities or client locations, are a highly valued method to gather unaided, candid commentary, and can be added to any SRG project execution design.
Campus Brand Audit The SRG Campus Brand Audit is a fully-customized employer diagnostic tool designed in partnership with the client to assess its image among targeted students at universities of specific interest to the organization.  The SRG Campus Brand Audit is primary research, tailored to a client’s particular needs and interests, and delivers more authentic and actionable findings than querying secondary sources.
SScott Resource Group conducts custom, proprietary research on behalf of client organizations.  All findings are unique to the specific survey project, and are never extracted from an existing general database.
X|R is a dual-track diagnostic research tool designed to compare and contrast the expectations of an employer’s newly-hired full-time staff with the corresponding workplace reality perceptions of their counterparts who joined the organization within the recent past.
X|R: Expectations versus Reality